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Reading Program
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Math Program
French Language Program
Reading Program

Reading is basic for the growth of our students in each of the academic areas. Our goal is not only that students learn to read, but that they love to do so.

The program promotes the taste and habit of daily reading, developing the main reading skills: comprehension, analysis and criticism.
In Kindergarten, phonics, word formation and frequently used words are taught through reading. Phonics is necessary for learning to read in any language.
In Elementary and Junior High, grammar and spelling are strengthened through reading.

The school has a variety of libraries that support the reading program:
1. Libraries in each classroom from 3rd grade to 9th grade: There are about 300 books in each of the classrooms.
2. Digital platforms with readings: We have three platforms (Raz-Kids and Achieve 3000, Tumblebooks) that include a great variety of readings in Spanish, English and French, to complement the reading material of the academic program.
3. Libraries Academic Program: Libraries that include reading books by grade level, aligned to U.S. educational standards, used by teachers to teach classes.
The readings are age-appropriate to create a positive attachment to learn to read with pleasure.
Writing Program
Students are taught to express themselves in writing and are encouraged to recognize the writer within each of them. A time is designated each day to develop this skill.
The aim of the program is to train writers who can express their ideas and feelings. Through writing, grammar and spelling are strengthened.

Math Program

Students learn mathematical reasoning by using logic for problem solving not just memorizing concepts.
The math programs used to achieve this goal are:
Program for obtaining speed and arithmetic precision in basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
Technology platform for practicing topics seen in class. It helps self-learning since it has a tutorial that explains how to solve the problems.
In Nursery and Pre-K, students learn to count.
In Kindergarten, they learn numbers and how to solve basic operations.
In Elementary, "Everyday Math" is used. Math concepts are learned in a spiral fashion (the complexity of the subject is increased from grade to grade), in addition to teaching them to reach the same result in different ways, allowing them to choose the form that is most convenient for them.

French Program
LAF has more the 37 years of experience teaching French to its students from a very early age.
In August 2017, we had the honor of obtaining the LABEL-IFAL Certification, granted by the French Institute of Latin America under the direction of the French Embassy in Mexico.

This certification recognizes us as a school of excellence in French language teaching.
Our team of teachers is highly qualified, which positions us as the best  alternative for teaching the French language, from the first years of education.
French Classes per Week
Nursery 4 Classes
Pre-K 5 Classes
Kindergarten  5 Classes
1º, 2º y 3º  3 Classes
4º to 9º  3 Classes