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Private and laic Educational Institution, with more than 35 years of experience, that offers a trilingual education (English, French and Spanish) to children and teenagers from Nursery to Jr. High.

Alumni Profile

  • Values

    Successful leaders with a solid moral and ethical foundation who are committed to their environment

  • English

    Level of English language with international standards, which can help achieve the necessary scores to apply for a third language in High School.

  • Technology

    Ability to incorporate technology to the academic activities.

  • Spanish

    Grammar, Writing, Text Analysis and reading comprehension.

  • Math

    Development of critical thinking skills, both logical and abstract, as well as mathematical reasoning and problem resolution capabilities.

  • French

    Oral and written communication skills.

  • Art and Sports

    Creative skills and teamwork.

LAF News

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Urgent stories can be given an alert for parents or community members. This will generate a popup box when you log in, and you can opt to read the full story, dismiss the message once, or opt to not show again. You may set an expiration for the alert.