Strategic Alliances




Liceo Anglo Francés de Monterrey has partnered with LitLife to support the training of LAF teachers in best teaching practices. These cutting-edge practices influence positively and effectively student learning, focusing primarily on developing reading and writing skills in English.
LitLife was founded in the USA in 2002, with the purpose of providing consulting services to schools worldwide.
The LitLife-LAF Alliance provides the following benefits:
1. Training and professional development of teachers in state-of-the-art teaching and group management strategies to achieve academic excellence in students.
2. Best practices in teaching Reading and Writing in English.
3. Development of curriculum aligned to the United States Educational Standards.


Liceo Anglo Frances de Monterrey is certified by the French Institute of Latin America (IFAL), an agency attached to the French Embassy in Mexico. It aims to ensure the quality of French language teaching in LAF.
The LABEL certification, this recognition guarantees that we are an institution that offers French language teaching of high level and quality, through the training of teachers in cutting-edge techniques and methodologies.
LABEL Benefits for LAF:
1. Online training for teachers.
2. Constant review of academic programs, materials, and platforms.
3. Measure of academic progress by expert staff.
LAF is the only Elementary School in Nuevo León to obtain the LABEL certification.